Friday, 13 November 2009

credit risk or market risk?

lying in bed this morning i was wondering how i feel about painting sunny spring and autumn meadows on a gray stormy day.

the answer is i feel happy! in my studio i have the wood stove going, my music playing, often incense burning and usually an offering made. i think about my favourite meadows and i am transported there.

unusually today someone was sitting in my comfy chair beside the wood stove asking me to listen to their explanation of the difference between credit risk and market risk. all that and the dog being sick this morning means it has been rather a trying day.

but somehow magically and momentarily i did feel as if i was sitting here in one of my favourite meadows in the mid summer sun shine.

i wish my daughter would listen to me about being an actress, it would save us both a lot of stress if we didn't have to fill out investment banking job application forms.