Thursday, 10 June 2010

more meadows...

can't resist showing you some photos from today's walk

and this is taken from the door to my studio

i think i'm in summerland

corte-real gallery

my first days in portugal were spent visiting Michael, Pedro and Simon at the beautiful Corte-Real gallery

where amazing things hang from the trees

sometimes the art work hangs outside

the garden is full of things to delight

and even the flowers look happy

inside is amazing but sorry no photos
some of my work is available from the gallery now...
and more portuguese work will be on show at the end of this month

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

from one forest to another...

on friday i arrived in portugal... and now i'm in the beautiful alentejo region famous for it’s cork oak forests

here are some photographs from home...the forest of dean taken last week



and here are some from OBRAS where I am staying now

i am waiting for my paints to arrive...they were lost somewhere in the north...but apparently have been located and will arrive today....

they said that yesterday as well