Tuesday, 18 June 2013

looking back to go forward

back in portugal at obras
one of my favourite places in all the world

the photo (thanks ludger) is from an artist's talk i gave last week and shows some work i completed on a previous residency here ... it may have been 2007 or maybe 2008...the paintings were done on card and then cut up and reassembled

that's how i'm feeling right now as if i'm reassembling
the work is changing 
i am changing
everything that has been changing over the last couple of years is rearranging itself...

and i'm liking the new arrangement
and having the time to reflect on the past, consider the future

and enjoy the present

photo by anne mcmahon

Friday, 8 June 2012

island seeking

whats happened to blogger since i've been away?

still i'm sure i will get used to it...eventually

its been a busy few months painting with a few little adventures too
including the one above....all part of my new 'islands' project

on the one sunny weekend we have had here in the uk i went to visit worms head
an island off the gower peninsular in south wales

beautiful, inspiring and sunny!
paintings soon


Monday, 13 February 2012

Acts of Courtship

new show on this week at my studio
i think the photos say it all
i hope you have a happy valentines day x

paintings by me
photography exhibits from the duffy archive
flowers by the amazing jo and tabs at fabulous flowers
yummy valentines biscuits by the old dairy tearoom

Monday, 6 February 2012

time travel

i was always two weeks ahead he said...

but now i'm two weeks
and 30 odd years behind

two weeks ago i visited an island off an island
the scenery through the middle of wales boded well

as did the visit to moma wales

but when we crossed this bridge to the island the real journey began

anglesey, ynys mon where i grew up from aged 5 to making my escape at 17...

i had been back only once..briefly

imagine my surprise when anglesey seemed to have turned its self into somewhere nice...it wasn't how i remembered it

the beautiful cottage complete with welcoming cat and hot tub...
near beaumaris...not a part of the island i knew well

we went to one of our favourite places...llanddwyn island a truly magical place

shared memories of past picnics, walks, shells, people

sharing those memories with my school sweetheart even though we had never been there together before

and all on the eve of st. dwynwen's day
(not that i knew that then, thanks emma)
st dwynwen the patron saint of lovers and of pilgrimages whose chapel is on the island

looking at the view back to snowdonia

and the view toward the island

the following day a drive around anglesey

somethings had changed for the worse

the small holding where i lived and i had kept my ponies was very sad but the view was still amazing

our old school had definitely seen better days...as had the town of holyhead...and as for amlwch words fail me, i didnt know whether to laugh or cry...i did both...no pictures ...too depressing

looking at favourite rocks, particular and familiar

on over to holy island and trearddur bay where i lived for 10 years

then back over the inland sea

and so quickly across anglesey ...new roads cutting out the tedium i remember so well

its taking time to process all the emotions and all the images in my head

i need to go back
maybe the sun will shine next time

Saturday, 21 January 2012


i have missed summerland
i've been busy painting and not just on canvas
this is my dining table it was a painting table in the studio

but a coat of this amazing paint in old white
some wax and now i love it
my small intimate romantic dining table

above it is a painting from a stay at obras in the alentjo region of portugal

i see it and remember

another table

this one i have had for 20years
my twins did their homework on it...its been my studios
a little sanding down and a lick of paint and wax and now its my lovely desk

above it a series of paintings called journey

painted in memory of a dear friend
i think he would like it

and today's little treat

from fabulous flowers who are going to have their own blog post ...soon

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

ebb and flow

sometimes life takes unexpected turns and twists
new paths
new adventures
sometimes it feels more like a river
it ebbs and flows

i have moved from my beloved forest home

moved back to live beside a river i love

its not far away but very different

there is a huge sky ...and soft colours

and as for my home

beautiful isn't it? not all mine :)
i have a huge light filled flat

its doesn't quite feel like home yet

maybe i'm lucky enough to have more than one home