Tuesday, 28 September 2010

armona island

i sort of knew i was going to like the formosa natural park
as we flew over it into faro for a short visit to portugal

a brief taxi ride from the airport to alhao port....
a ferry ride
and you're there...the island of armona

there's Carlos bar on the beach at the jetty

and a walk through the picturesque holiday cottages brought us to to our destination

casa bougainvillea

beside the lagoon...that filled and emptied with the tide..
especially high with the full harvest moon

the samphire glowed as the sun set

and the wise dog from carlos bar
came to visit

he knew i would come back

Friday, 10 September 2010

lavender fields

last month i visited snowshill lavender fields

once again it was harvest time...
in fact the very last field was being harvested....

luckily the test planting area was still uncut

and there was an added bonus this year

i was looking at the photos and my sketches because i wanted to paint lavender today...

but maybe i want to paint sunflowers...
oh decisions decisions...
i'll go to the studio and see what happens

...or maybe roses...
i am listening to this