Sunday, 21 February 2010

my world has contracted...

to the studio
and the garden
and later at night to a small space in front the sitting room fire
a couple of days ago i walked to the garden centre through the snow and bought in some spring
inside the old studio is warm and cosy...even with the doors open
the fairy lights scatter rainbows
the new/old easel takes up less space and works beautifully (thank you mr s)

the new paintings reflect the new simplicity and clarity
and the fluttering of the many birds at the bird feeder outside the window
moving and staying still

Thursday, 18 February 2010

its snowing again....

making it very difficult to paint spring flowers
its been snowing for 4 hours now so its already much deeper than these photos

i've been painting lavender fields in an effort to feel warm again

here's a photo from a walk last weekend...i live next to the sculpture trail through the forest and i haven't seen this one for a while
more about the trail here

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

solving problems....

i thought i solved one problem only to find i had actually created more

my beautiful new studio has turned out not to have enough ventilation
something i clearly hadn't considered properly before i took on the lease....not something i've ever had a problem with as i usually work outside...or if not outside with large doors open

so now i have a problem...not insurmountable i'm sure but very trying and emotionally draining as i am desperate to get back to work after a long break...luckily my new landlord is amazingly positive and helpful...and busy...still i think i'm hopeful we can solve of course i'm sure we can!

i'm not going to even begin to mention my computer problem as i can feel the tears welling up just thinking about it :(

so to cheer myself up i've been painting roses...lots of roses...and i've found that bright pink paint again...hurray
also some very very good news that deserves a separate post....

Monday, 1 February 2010

moon woman

i've just posted this picture...and some words about her to the wrong went on the celtic year project by mistake

any ways she's very lovely made in haiti...and was sold in aid of the haitian relief fund...more here

and at the celtic year project

(click on the photo to enlarge the picture...the texture and detail is lovely)