Thursday, 23 June 2011

second light

these are the first two in what i think may well be an ongoing series...related to the previous post but slightly different

where to start in describing their roots.....

probably a magical month spent in morocco years ago

thinking about magic carpets...inspired by this recent blog post and this blog post from last year

wanting to use glorious vibrant colour

but mainly about internal worlds...thinking

i have my case a beautiful combination of touch and colour...textures appear as flashes of colour

i often think about texture in my painting ...but am incorporating it more directly in this series

other things i have been considering are entoptic phenomena... visual experiences derived from within the eye or brain, particularly phosphenes ... characterised by the experience of seeing light without light actually entering the eye

they are often seen in altered states of consciousness....which is just how i experience painting

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

sky gardens

maybe its the solstice,
the clear starry skies of portugal
or the spectacular lunar eclipse we saw

or maybe its this cosmic rose link

but i have been painting sky gardens

combining painting and old textiles bought at estremoz market

a new direction for my work...combining recurring themes in a new way

its going be interesting to see the reaction to them

i wonder what do you think?

Friday, 17 June 2011

introducing a fellow painter...

today i have a guest blog post! a first i think

i'm very pleased to introduce you to laura wright

Hi, my name is Laura Wright. I am a painter based on the South Downs, nr Brighton, UK. I take most of my inspiration from my immediate environment and/or coastal towns I have recently visited in UK, south of France and Andalucia, Spain. I usually visit Cassis in the south of France every summer and completed an artist’s residency in Competa, Andalucia which had a big impression on the colours I now use in most of my paintings. I am drawn to coasts and live on the South coast. I believe there is always a better quality of light.

The paintings below are the first three in the series I have been working on for the forthcoming show at Corte Real Gallery, Paderne, Portugal (starting 16th July) with artists: Sally Stafford and Beth Richardson. The colours are typically Mediterranean.

Sussex Townscape

Norfolk Coast

Cornish Coast

Working towards the exhibition at Corte Real has given me free rein on using these vibrant colours, which I often tone down for the UK market and tastes. I prefer to use bright bold hues - which doesn’t necessarily reflect the British landscape. My palette is predominantly made up of coeruleum blue, lemon and naples yellow, yellow ochre, cadmium red, and burnt sienna. I also use lots of zinc white and touches of Paynes grey. I finish the work with a gloss varnish to give a slight sheen and more vibrancy to the colours. The varnish also protects the paint which is quite dense - having been worked in layers. This, I think, is also a safeguard for long distance transportation.

I have so far made three of the six paintings (above) for the Corte real exhibition, these first three are all 61x61cm and I am in the early stages of the three larger canvases (100x100cm)
The images below are in the primary stages of two of the subsequent three large canvases of this series and they are also based on coastal views of UK, using a bright Mediterranean palette. I am organising a visit to the Corte Real Gallery to see this work en situ and take away some inspiration from the trip.

Early stages of Fowey Harbour (top) and Looe Harbour, acrylic on box canvas, 100x100cm

To see more of my work visit my website:

thanks very much for this intro to your work laura...i hope we actually get to meet in portugal, sally x

Thursday, 16 June 2011

images of heaven?

ludger here at OBRAS took this photo
its a detail of my latest painting

doesn't it look like a medieval star map?
almost a feel of last nights amazing lunar eclipse

you can read a bit more about the painting here
its the blog of uk artist laura wright

more about her here soon

Sunday, 5 June 2011

obras evenings

i’ve been at obras for 4 days and already there is so much to record and show
where i’m staying is a centre for artists and for scientists....more about it here

on friday night we had a shared evening
show the work of installation artist annemie bogaerts (from the netherlands)
and theatre company director miira sippola (from finland)

the installation was made from local and marble dust
the whole thing looked beautifully ethereal in the evening sun
here’s a very short video so you can hear it too

collaborations especially between different disciplines interest and excite me....very much a direction i want to move in

and actually am! more about that soon

below is 30 seconds from another obras evening
sunset, bird song and bells

Thursday, 2 June 2011

to ing and fro ing

yesterday i arrived in portugal
it feels be good to be back at obras
among friends
with this view from my terrace

and this familiar rose garden

and these two beautiful creatures

no painting today but i am thinking about writing
thank you to beth for sharing some of my writing here
on her inspirational 'do what you love' blog