Saturday, 21 January 2012


i have missed summerland
i've been busy painting and not just on canvas
this is my dining table it was a painting table in the studio

but a coat of this amazing paint in old white
some wax and now i love it
my small intimate romantic dining table

above it is a painting from a stay at obras in the alentjo region of portugal

i see it and remember

another table

this one i have had for 20years
my twins did their homework on it...its been my studios
a little sanding down and a lick of paint and wax and now its my lovely desk

above it a series of paintings called journey

painted in memory of a dear friend
i think he would like it

and today's little treat

from fabulous flowers who are going to have their own blog post ...soon


Lindsey said...

lovely tables and roses - fabulous chandelier! All looks soooo elegant and...tidy! x

Sally said...

mmm...yes tidy :) of course it always looks like this!

Carole said...

Hi Sally! Welcome back to blogland. Such a pretty posting full of inspiring images. Thanks.

iNd!@nA said...

lovely table indeed but my eye went straight to the painting above
and then
you provided a bigger version
mind-reading in advance

Sally said...

thank you Carole, its good to be back

Sally said...

ah India not sure about mind reading and certainly a better photo would be good...but i am so enjoying creating a different space and feel using paintings that are experimental...personal...thank goodness for blogs and a chance to share them :)