Saturday, 30 January 2010

back in the forest

back home from sunny Queensland and amazing Papua New Guinea
suntan and henna tattoo fading quickly...
back to painting here in the snowy Forest of Dean

this one is the first of the year
painted to celebrate imbolc...using white silver and pale yellow...(and a touch of pink)
painted for the celtic year project


Lindsey said...

Welcome back to blogland - Pink Flags are/is lovely! Tattoo looks great - kinda odd against the snow - you have more than us just now!


iNdi@ said...

ha ha, while you were toasting lightly in southern sunshine
i wandered happily about in the snowy north...

Sally said...

Hi Lindsey
yep still snow here...which looked magical in the bright moon light

Hi India....yes the irony of that hadn't escaped me...and i am wondering if i came home just a little too soon