Friday, 26 March 2010

dancing in an orchard

Tree of the Sun, Tree of the Moon
Uploaded by sallystafford. - Independent web videos.

i often feel like i am dancing during the process of painting
but i've never seen myself paint before
now i have a video and can see that is exactly what is happening

video is 14 minutes long and shows me painting an orchard....i had a dream about floating above an orchard in the moonlight...that started a whole series of paintings last spring.

this year i have re visited the theme...but this time the recent snow has crept in

i hope you have time to make a cup of tea and enjoy x


Jan Merrills said...

Really enjoyed watching the video Sal. Your studio looks great too!

Sally said...

Thanks Jan, it was fun to make. The studio is working out well...i'm not used to so much space :)