Wednesday, 3 November 2010

autumn inspiration

the sun has been shining and the forest is amazing
really the best autumn i have ever seen..and i will post some photos

i have been inspired by a wonderful gift i received from india
much much better photos of her eco dyed textiles on her own lovely website

also inspired by some roses i painted when fresh but much prefer now

not that have got around to much textile work yet...but am certainly thinking about it...

and this is what happened

autumn roses
30x30 inches


kaite said...

your painted roses and their leaves are truly inspired...such texture and depth, i had to enlarge them to maximum and sat enthralled. k.

Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

Beautiful painting....I could eat those roses.....yummy!
And the photo of those fading roses is lovely too!

deanna7trees said...

beautiful interpretation of those roses. that stitching is beautiful.

Lindsey said...

fab! I can see the India influence but also I think there are words there, wonderful wistful background colour and the roses are velvety, beautiful

Sally said...

Thank you everyone...lovely to read your comments....this is obviously a painting for the textile lover.
I was so longing to make some textile eco prints but have so many paintings to complete for various shows...this was my solution :)
Sally x

Madeleine said...

Hi Sally,
Love your Blog!
I too get torn between painting and Textile work, especially Indias magic.
Just wondered if you knew about Indias workshop in Switzerland,
10th to 12th May 2011, the contact I got for it is:
Janet Crowe at

I got some info on my blog,

hope this is ok to tell you here
might even see you there

Sally said...

hi Madeleine
welcome! Thank you for this info...very tempting :)