Monday, 24 January 2011

spreading the word for our woods

readers of this little blog will know i live in the centre of an ancient forest...the forest of dean...a magical mysterious place between two rivers and two nations

more and more people are starting to hear about the forest of dean as the uk wakes up to the coalition government’s proposals to sell off the forests of england

on a cold and snowy day i and over 3000 others attended a rally to voice their protests...this is a video of the event made by talent film maker woody captures the spirit of the event and the love we all have for the forest

Hands Off our Forest from woodrow morris on Vimeo.

i was too shy to be interviewed but the people who were made an excellent job of expressing the feelings of all...this forest is not for already belongs to all of us

please please sign the petition here
because where ever in the world you live one day you may want to visit our beautiful forest
and we would be happy to see you enjoy it without restrictions

more info about the local hoof campaign here

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