Monday, 28 February 2011

teaching and learning

a few days ago i held a painting workshop in my studio

we had fun
we worked hard

we used a lot of paint!

but lots of paint....colours mixed by the workshop painters was left

colours that i don't usually colours

i didn't want to waste the paint....the colours were so vibrant and spring like

i had run out of my favourite colour of green (ara acrylics in green gold)
so instead i painted a series of meadows using the left over paint

a spring series

using more blues and lilacs and purples than i usually use...colours mixed to paint hyacinths

and different greens
here are some details from one painting

and here's the finished painting

Spring 100cmsx100cms

painting it reminded me of portugal...
where the lupins will be blooming soon
and spring comes early
these paintings will soon be on their way to the corte real gallery in portugal

the next workshop is painting roses on 11th may
i'm looking forward to it...teaching and learning !

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