Sunday, 3 April 2011

yellow ribbons

here in the forest yellow ribbons appeared on trees...all sorts of different trees

not actually officially part of the hoof campaign to save the forest from the effect of proposed legislation
but it became a wide spread symbol of peoples discontent and protest

here is a painting i painted at the time its one of three and part of my 'summerland' solo show (more paintings here)

yellow ribbon 72x24 inches
mixed media on canvas

the yellow ribbons became the wood pigeons i see so often...flocks of them eating the acorns in the winter months

all but a very few of the ribbons were removed on febuary 19th at a victory day celebrating a temporary reprieve

but these are still here

attached to one of the roadside memorials of which sadly there are more

i see it most makes me think


Lindsey said...

i love the yellow ribbons painting!

Sally said...

thanks Lindsey glad you like it x