Wednesday, 9 September 2009


yesterday I spent the day in the cotswolds visiting galleries and enjoying a day out. the sky was grey but occasionally the sun came out and the landscape glowed....unfortunately this rarely happened when i could stop and take a picture!
not that it matters really...i am always just as...or possibly even more interested in the hedgerows and verges. the contrast between the gold bleached grasses and flower heads and the still green hedge is a subject i return to every year in my painting.

when i came home i spent a little time at my favourite spot in the forest. the silver birches are changing colour and the place twinkles with quivering gold leaves.

today was spent printing...ian and i have developed an interest (or in my case slight obsession) with cutting lino are our latest efforts... i did managed to get some gold paint can never have enough gold....thats what i say :)


Anonymous said...

...and I managed to put some other colours in! Great day Sally, and a couple of interesting pieces to show for it.
ATB, Ian

Sally said...

yeh...good and pink next?
just looked at the new work on your website Path to the Sun

Lindsey said...

the birches look beautiful and I love the prints you and Ian are doing- I love butterflies!


Sally said...

thanks Lindsey x