Monday, 14 September 2009

pink birds

the story so far....a lovely lady who purchased one of my paintings from the summer cafe many years ago got in touch...she still likes her painting very much and would like far so good.
the new painting was to be a triptych....based on pink flowers, chrysanthemums shows how long this has been in progress...they were in bloom last year at this time when we first discussed this piece!
I have been thinking a lot about this painting...and i also had a dream about it....always a good sign..see here for another painted dream....i dreamt about a fluorescent pink bird flying in a turquoise sky...and here he is.

detail from pink birds

instead of three pieces there are 4
the pink birds are japanese anemones...the spent flowers are stars in a turquoise and cobalt hubble inspired universe
back on the land the pink flowers are growing abundantly....when i painted this it was warm and sunny....i felt like i was back in my beloved bali
i love this painting and would be very happy for it to live in my newly decorated sitting room
but i know it was painted for someone else.

pink birds

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Anonymous said...

They get better the more times I look, so fresh,