Friday, 30 October 2009

pink birds and butterly wings

the pink birds have flown and very happy they look in their new home
the golden meadows, silver birches and dancing orchards have all found new homes....thank you to everyone who made the AAF in Battersea so successful for me x

as i just wrote to the lovely keeper of the Pink Birds:

5 years ago i took the leap of faith to go full time painting .... i always knew it was the right decision for me...although difficult at i feel so joyous and grateful and privileged to live where i live and have the life i have (well most of the time)

to celebrate i bought a looks like butterflies wings........i have never wanted to wear rings before but this year i gave up biting my nails

i’m not sure if it’s amethyst or fluorite but either is fine
amethyst is a stone of spirituality and contentment and fluorite is used to bring order to chaos....according to my book

actually looking around the house and studio i rather hope its fluorite

well back to work...lots to do in the next few days as more shows coming up and i have very very few paintings left


Lindsey said...

pink birds purple ring
both make the heart sing
paint on Sally paint on!

lizzie g said...

You're an inspiration Sally, thank you!
Wishing you inspiring, exciting, safe travels, looking forward to seeing you next Spring.