Wednesday, 25 August 2010

those forest sheep...

a few years ago there was a project to create a flock of fibreglass forest sheep decorated by schools and by local artists.
sheep wander the forest freely around here... very much a local feature
the project was called sheepscape and it was great fun more here

i painted 'spring lamb'

i recently freed him from storage where he had been kept for the last couple of years

and i wish i hadn't!
he proved to be a bit troublesome in the 'i'm a forest sheep' way that they have

i had just finished a pair of commissioned paintings that i was looking at on the shelf above mr lamb...when disaster struck
a gust of wind blew one of the paintings down...
straight on to the awaiting pointy ear...

and this was the result

so another pair of paintings were painted and now there are three!

the sheep doesn't look even a bit sorry!


kaite said...

that takes head butting to a new level. beautful flowers painted on mr.sheep, are they orchids? now what are you going to do with that ripped painting? i could think of many things...k.

Lindsey said...

forest sheep just don't give a damn, very pretty tho'

Sally said...

Kaite the flowers are daffodils...more common than orchids in these parts :)
no idea what to do with the painting...oh! email me your address and i will send it to you to do something with :)
actually i will send half to you and half as my first give away!

pretty he maybe but you cant take the forest out of a forest remember them i'm sure Lindsey