Sunday, 5 June 2011

obras evenings

i’ve been at obras for 4 days and already there is so much to record and show
where i’m staying is a centre for artists and for scientists....more about it here

on friday night we had a shared evening
show the work of installation artist annemie bogaerts (from the netherlands)
and theatre company director miira sippola (from finland)

the installation was made from local and marble dust
the whole thing looked beautifully ethereal in the evening sun
here’s a very short video so you can hear it too

collaborations especially between different disciplines interest and excite me....very much a direction i want to move in

and actually am! more about that soon

below is 30 seconds from another obras evening
sunset, bird song and bells


Lindsey said...

How amazing is that?! I thought it was a beautiful rug and of course it is...just not one to snuggle up on!
A beautiful place Sally, doing your soul good!

Love & Light

Anonymous said...

Beautiful - I thought it was a rug too!
Stunning creation, love the video.
Looks like a lovely place to be

Sally said...

thanks ladies...yes it looked like a rug at first to me too...and yes it is a really special place to be and i'm relishing it x