Friday, 20 May 2011

bluebell island

i live in a valley
a valley in the heart of the forest of dean
just behind my cottage (and to the front and either side is the forest)
its a mass of bluebells during may
this year has been particularly wonderful
the photos above are just outside the back garden in an area i call my island

ian took this portrait of me there last year

there's more of my bluebell island in the video below
including some of the paintings it inspired


Lindsey said...

beautiful bluebell island paintings

iNd!@nA said...

oh, to be in England...[and yes, i do know that quote actually belongs to April]
your woods are truly beautiful

Sally said...

thanks Lindsey and are both most welcome anytime...the forest is always beautiful...but especially so in maytime x

Terri Conrad said...

good morning Sally,

I just read your piece over at "Do What you Love." Your work is lovely, and my oh my what a stunningly beautiful place you call home.

keep writing those letters (I'm inspired to write one too) and keep dreaming.

Terri Conrad

Sally said...

Thank you Terri. Its is beautiful...and so is Portugal where I am now...i'm looking forwars to time to paint reflect and write letters.