Wednesday, 4 May 2011


my dear friends lindsey and liz came with me to the opening of my summerland show
lindsey made a great video at the start of the show
love the birdsong, sunshine, the sound of her shoes...
and hearing her refusing a glass of champagne!

thanks lindsey!

and here are a few photos of the show before the people arrived

***warning it all gets a bit girly from here...
but do come along if you like shoes and dresses

we matched the flowers perfectly

and here is a view of my coat from the back...i do love it!

and here's the photographer

and here is her own very new art and ceramics website
...and to be fair here is liz's too... we have some painting e-courses in this space

1 comment:

Lindsey said...

An amazing exhibition - I wanted to stand in front of each painting and meditate for hours - with birdsong and filtered evening sun all adding to the vibe.

Beautiful, loving the girlie pictures!

Love and light