Thursday, 12 May 2011

a perfect weekend

i have been away for a few days
its been like a dream... a perfect dream
some things you can take pictures of
but other things like nightingales singing, twinkling sagittarius stars

and most especially kind, funny and talented friends are clearly and keenly remembered if not shown here

we stayed at saint-michel-l'observatoire in the luberon area of provence
here's our hotel...wonderful views of the mountains....and great food

of course i have to show you some food from hard to chose which of many photos

we shopped for a picnic
and after a walk through oak trees

we saw this

ochre towers in the bright sunshine

one day i found my perfect french garden


more lavender and rose in a cake

as my amazing new friend said....fantastic flavour ...but a bit like eating soap

thank you so much to all concerned
i feel privileged and immensely grateful


Lindsey said...

how lovely and again you cleverly match the flowers!

Sally said...

thank you Lindsey, colour co-ordination to seasonal flowers is getting to be a bit of a habit :)